Litter Picking

Mears Ashby are once again undertaking a voluntary litter picking session, this time on Wilby Road out of their village. The planned date is Saturday 30th March next.  This exercise is supported by Wellingborough Norse who provide all the necessary kit.

Does anyone in Wilby want to join them to help with this important community exercise?

The event is expected to start at 10am and anyone interested should contact Ute Graham on 01604 812814 for more details.

This also provides a perfect opportunity to once again thank our dedicated residents on Post Office Lane, who daily clear both sides of Main Road on their way to and from Sainsburys.  Their voluntary work in the village really does make a real difference.

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Brown Bin Collection

A reminder that the brown garden waste bins are being emptied again from this Friday 8th March, after the winter break.

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Burglary Non Dwelling – Wilby

Northamptonshire Police are appealing for information regarding a burglary non dwelling on Main Road, Wilby. Entry has been forced to the victim’s summerhouse which is situated in the garden. Once inside property has then been stolen. This took place between 00:01hrs and 09:00hrs on the 10th of January.

Did you witness anything?
Did you see any person(s) in the area that looked suspicious?

If so, then please contact Northamptonshire Police on 101 quoting Ref: 190000015286.

You are probably disciplined about locking your doors and windows when you leave your home, but what about your shed, summerhouse, outbuilding or garage?

  • Research shows that thieves often take tools such as ladders and spades, from a garage or shed, to help them break into a house, ensure yours are always locked away.
  • Try to site your shed or summerhouse within view of the house and ensure there is adequate lighting. Consider installing an alarm.
  • Visibly mark all removable items with your postcode and house number. Register property at or
  • Ensure the shed or summerhouse is in a good state of repair. Fit a good quality padlock.
  • Ensure the hasp is bolted through the shed and into a steel plate. Secure up-and-over garage doors with padlocks through the inside runners or fit a padlock (with hasp and staple) to either side of the door.
  • Replace ordinary screws on outbuilding doors with non-return screws or coach bolts.
  • Glue, smeared over the heads of screws, may stop the thief from unscrewing them.
  • Make a note of make/model/serial number of tools and bicycles, take photographs and secure in a safe place.
  • High value items such as bicycles and lawn mowers should be shackled together, ideally to the fabric of the building or to a metal post cemented into the ground.
  • Consider having lockable steel boxes fitted to the floor to store your tools.
  • Obscure the window of your shed/garage to prevent thieves seeing what you have inside.
  • Use signage to let offenders know you have security marked your property and you are a member of a Watch Scheme.

In an emergency please call 999, otherwise please call 101 (the national police non-emergency number).

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A Warning from the Police

There have been a number of burglaries in Earls Barton and Great Doddington over the last week, please check your out buildings, make sure they are secure and that you have locked your main property when you are at home or away and set the alarm if you have one . Leave your house lights on and a car on the drive making  it look like there is someone home.
Report any suspicious activity to 101 or if you feel a crime is in progress call 999.

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Warning – Lead Thefts

Warning – Lead Thefts

Lead thieves are operating in this area.

If you see anything suspicious around

the Church please contact either the

Church Wardens

Julia Cleworth on 01933 381217 

George Thompson on 01933 222718

or Rector – Revd. Jackie Buck

on 01933 631232

In an emergency situation please contact the

Police on 101

Please note there are no roof works scheduled at this time!

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Update on SID

The Speed Indication Device (SID) is very shortly due back in Wilby once again, after completing a stint in Mears Ashby, with whom we share the equipment.

We are extremely grateful to residents Michael Graves and Jon Willey for managing the deployment on behalf of the Parish Council and all of us in Wilby.

We now have a report available to view, which shows the initial data captured from SID when it was deployed at 4 different sites in the village between June and August this year.  Please do click below to have a look!

September Report Web Version

We shall continue to review where to place SID to achieve the maximum effect and more detail will be shared in the future, as and when it becomes available.

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Parking at the Playing Fields

If residents would like to make use of the playing fields car park to accommodate their guests for family or other events, please contact Anthony in advance on 07801 191665 so that we can check availability with our regular park users and provide extra capacity where possible.

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