Dylan’s Dawdle

Sunday 30th June    13.45 – 1600 hrs

Meet at Wilby Park Playing Field (Main Road Wilby)

Dylan’s Dawdle followed by a Pet Service in St. Marys Church (friends and children welcome)

Meet in the playing field car park and join me and my dog Dylan for this special afternoon. The walk is in the fields behind the park, open countryside, no livestock.

The dictionary definition of dawdle is ‘a leisurely walk’ ‘take one’s time and proceed slowly’ and ‘amble or stroll’.

Join Dylan and me to do just the above for approx 1 hour and then attend the pet service at St. Marys held inside the church at 3pm. This is a wonderful service and all dogs whatever shapes and sizes are welcome. The highlight will be the blessing of all pets individually at the Alter. There will be an opportunity for photos of a really special afternoon of fun, faith and fellowship. The church held its first ever pet service last year and it was a huge success. The church was full with people of all agers. The service was fun but also makes the point about how pets make a tremendous contribution to our lives. It was a memorial to my dog Riley.

You don’t need to be a church goer to take part – it’s a community event.


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13 Responses to Events

  1. Judith thompson says:

    It’s time to spring clean soon, don’t forget our NSPCC jumble sale. Saturday May 4th. At The Farm 130 Main Rd NN 8 2UE. Anything taken, but can you keep clothes and similar until nearer the date please. Thank you, Judith Thompson, Hon. Sec. Wilby NSPCC.

  2. Judith thompson says:

    All saleable items now wanted for Nspcc jumble sale Sat. April 29th. At The Farm. Thank you. Judith Thompson.

  3. Judith thompson says:

    Advance notice NSPCC Jumble Sale at The Farm, Saturday April 29th. 2017.please note, Not as usual on the first Saturday in May. Collecting storable goods now, not clothes, bags, shoes and bedding, until nearer the day. Thank you.

  4. Judith thompson says:

    YARD SALE CHURCHLANE WILBY Saturday 27thAugust 11am—2pm.

  5. Judith thompson says:

    With some generous donations, the amount raised at the jumble sale has topped the £1000.00. Incredible. Will give the final figure when known. Thanks again to everyone involved in any way. Judith Thompson hon. Sec. Wilby NSPCC.

  6. Judith thompson says:

    Successful day Saturday, will post the result when finalised. Still not too late to donate to this worthy cause. My thanks to all our helpers, those who gave and those that came and bought.

  7. Paul says:

    Hi Judith. I pay an amount (and support them like u to NSPCC each month) My thought , Just thinking; if you have any left-overs from your great annual NSPCC event, could some of it come to the park event in Summer which we hope is a success if residents are informed and feel happy etc get there and enjoy Despite what he weather be..BE THERE!

  8. Judith thompson says:

    Still needing jumble, Judith Thompson.

  9. Judith thompson says:

    NSPCC Jumble sale The Farm, Saturday, May 7th. 2.00pm. All jumble now being taken. Please leave in open barn in yard if no one about. Thank you. Judith Thompson Hon. Sec. Wilby NSPCC

  10. Judith thompson says:

    NSPCC Jumble Sale. Advance notice for 2016 Saturday May 7th. 2.00pm at The Farm 130 Main Rd. sorting Friday 6th May.
    Now taking most goods large or small please bring to the farm. Could you please keep clothes, soft furnishings, shoes and handbags, for a while as we do not have the appropriate storage.
    Any unwanted gifts are very welcome for the tombola.

  11. Judith Thompson says:

    Now taking most things big or small for the NSPCC Jumble Sale on Saturday 2nd May 2015 at 2pm. Please deliver to The Farm 130 Main Road. Please help disadvantaged children in the county. Thank you Judith Thompson Hon. Sec. Wilby Branch.

  12. Judith thompson says:

    Advance notice—JumbleSale The Farm 130 Main Road. Saturday 2nd May. 2015. 2.00pm.

    Please nremember the NSPCC when turning out in the New Year and beyond. Any unwanted presents for the tombola gratefully received.

    Could you please hang onto clothes etc. handbags and shoes for now as we cannot store these properly.

    Thank you Judith Thompson Hon. Sec. NSPCC for Wilby.

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