Old Photos

The following photographs have kindly been provided by George Thompson in the hope that these will be of interest.  They reveal life in Wilby that will never been seen again….

Main Road – The Post Office & General Stores, also note the village bakery beyond. Based on the film being advertised at The Silver Cinema (Young Donovan’s Kid) made in 1931, this gives a good clue to when this was taken!



Above: Main Road/ Church Lane – note you could buy Dulley’s Ales!

Below:  The Square looking up Mears Ashby Road



Above: Main Road towards Wellingborough

The next two show the Lido in it’s heyday – for more background read the separate article by clicking here.


The Lido Wilby


A view of Church Lane around 1920 showing the old cottage gardens. According to the June edition of the 1899 Wilby Parish Magazine, village resident John Green (then 80) remembers the Village Green “was sited just below the Church on either side of what is now called Church Lane“.  He goes on to recall a large elm tree there “under whose shade the men could smoke their pipes and the women gossip, while around them the village children played and no-one could say them ‘nay’ because from time immemorial the Green had belonged to the people”

Church Lane  c1920