Wilby Playing Fields Update

The committee of Wilby Playing Fields Trust spent the other Sunday afternoon tidying up the newly planted hedge area, weeding, and planting a few new hedge plants to replace those which have not done so well. We hope you feel this will be an attractive feature of the park (once the hedge plants have grown), separating the car park from the grass area, creating a wildlife habitat too.

We have also asked the Woodland Trust for some additional hedge plants to improve this area and to plant around the playing fields.

We have been very successful in our grant applications this year.  We set ourselves the 2 tasks of replacing the tractor which we use for cutting the grass and many other jobs, and to provide outdoor gym equipment for adults and older people.  Thanks to Leora and Lopes hosting a wonderful garden party in the summer we raised over £1200 for the playing fields.  We have also been awarded £1k by Tesco’s Bags for Life fund, £1500 from the Maud Elkington Trust and now £4891 by the Northamptonshire Community Foundation all to provide the outdoor gym equipment.  The Committee are delighted with these grants and will be arranging to meet suppliers of this type of equipment to negotiate the best deal to install a range of equipment.

We will keep you posted with our news and developments.

We welcome involvement in and comments on our work.  Please contact me or any committee member through the website if you would like to be involved, or you would like to comment.

Helene Vancliff, Chair

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2017/18 Waste Collection

The Waste Collection calendar for the period October 2017 to September 2018 has been published and you can view this by clicking below:


Note that the last date for Brown bin collection this year in Wilby is Friday 17 November and collection of these bins then resumes again on Friday 9 March next year.

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Two Messages from Wilby School

There is a new school lottery and you can find out more by clicking below


There is also a vacancy at the school – click below for details

LTS Advert



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Important Crime Prevention Guidance from the Police

Message sent by
Rob Stevens (Police, PC1368, Wellingborough)


Even if the house is occupied the front and back doors should be locked Check doors are definitely locked and keys away from anywhere obvious
Keep car keys away from front and back doors, particularly where there is a cat flap or letterbox in situ Keep car keys away from front and back doors, particularly where there is a cat flap or letterbox in situ
If you leave a room, simply remember to pull any windows shut and lock them Leave timer switches on lamps from early evening until bedtime. Some people prefer leaving a landing light on overnight
Remove any loose tools from within the garden areas If you hear a noise downstairs and are

quite certain it’s a burglar, dial 999

Set your burglar alarm every time you leave the property, even if you are just popping out If you have an alarm that can
be part activated downstairs,
use it!
Use your spy hole before answering the door. If you’re not sure, don’t open the door! Take a cordless or mobile phone with you to bed in case of emergencies
Don’t leave cooking unattended Switch off and unplug things that don’t need to be left in
Try to make the home looked lived in, even when you are out Shut internal doors


Avoid leaving matches and lighters within easy reach of children. Ensure smoking materials are not still burning and ashtrays are emptied.
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The George Inn – Log Cabins Update

The Borough Council advises that the Planning Application for the 3 cabins on agricultural land which was refused consent last November, has gone to appeal.  Any representations must be received by the Planning Inspectorate by 22 September 2017.

Full details can be viewed on the Planning Applications page by clicking George Cabins Planning Appeal

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An Update from Wilby Playing Fields Trust

Thanks to the hard work of Simon and help from Anthony our old wrought iron bench has now started its new lease of life following a full refurbishment.

Please see the pictures showing the bench before and after the refurbishment.

After some digging around, Anthony has discovered that the bench has been there since the inception of the playing fields but is significantly older than that.  We would like to think that it will again last another 65+ years and will again be refurbished and bought back to life. It has had to be shortened as the ends of the wooden seat were badly damaged, and it has had a new wooden back rest.  It has been fully stripped, sanded, metal work re-welded, painted, plaque stripped and painted, wood stained and varnished, new bolts and a new placement home in the park.

We invite you to go and have a seat on this old but now new seat…enjoy our beautiful park and relish in the pleasure of being the current custodians and carers and users.

We, as the committee and guardians of the park, feel very humbled and honoured to know that the bench like the park has existed before most of us and will continue long after it. We hope that you enjoy your park as much as we enjoy looking after it on your behalf.

If you are interested in our work, or getting involved in looking after the park, please contact me:  Helene by email:  hvancliff@aol.com or mobile:  07773468785.  This year in addition to the maintenance we usually undertake, we are raising funds for 2 capital projects:  a replacement tractor to help with the grass cutting, and outdoor gym equipment.  We have been successful so far in raising £1000 towards the outdoor gym equipment thanks to Tescos and everyone who selected our charity to place their tokens.  We are looking to raise additional funds to progress these projects.

Helene Vancliff, Chair of Wilby Playing Fields Trust

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Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

A message from Kathleen at 6 Church Lane:

Many of you, both in and outside Wilby, collect Postage Stamps for me. The main Charity is HEARING Dogs for the DEAF.

I thought that you would like to know that during 2016…£16,000 was raised through your kindness in collecting Postage Stamps.

I would like to say thank you to all of you.

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