On the 31st December 1952 George Thompson of The Manor House, Main Road, Wilby sold a piece of land to Walter George of The Ivies, and Hubert Linnell of Wilbye House.  Walter George and Hubert Linnell are described as the Trustees and the land was purchased for £445.  The dimensions were listed as being 4 acres 1 rood and 19 poles.  There was a public subscription to buy the land with residents of Wilby contributing to the fund.

On the same date a Declaration of Trust established the Wilby Playing Fields Trust charity.  It was formally registered with the Charity Commissioners on 13th February 1953 number 304454.  The Trustees were Walter George and Hubert Linnell.

The Declaration established that the land is to be used for public recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Wilby.   The Trustees are not responsible for the management of the park, but a committee was to be set up to do so.  Any new trustees are to be appointed and approved by the committee.

On 15th November 1961 George Thompson sold a further piece of land to the Trustees of the Wilby Playing Fields Trust for £100 for the purpose of extending the area of the park.

Since then the Trustees have changed with Mrs Linnell replacing her husband, and Dick Thompson replacing Walter George.  Today’s trustees are Robert Bainbridge and Judith Thompson.  The committee continues to manage the park and its facilities, raising funds to carry out improvements and repairs.

Wilby Playing Fields Management Committee:

Chair:  Helene Vancliffe

Treasurer:  Barbara Thompson

Secretary:  Elaine O’Leary

Groundsman: Anthony Foreman (Representative of the Football Club)

Other committee members: Peter Gordon, Barry Graves, Anna Willey – Liz Connaughton represents the Pre School.