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  1. Judith thompson says:

    I have small Star brooches for sale at £1.00 in aid of the NSPCC Christmas appeal. Please let me know if you would like to buy one. 01933222951.

  2. Judith thompson says:

    I have a lot of lovely quinces this year if anyone would like some. Also medlars. Judith 01933 222951 The Farm Wilby.

  3. Judith thompson says:

    A very large Eddie Stobart Larry just went through Wilby towards Earls Barton. At 3.47Pm. Today 1st Oct.
    Was this on official business or was it breaking the law. Perhaps the Parish Council could find out.

  4. Judith thompson says:

    Thanks Jon and Michael and the Parish Council for the speed signs. Would it be possible to put one on Mears Ashby Rd entrance to the village by the 30 sign as they speed down the hill, dangerous with school children about. Many thanks.

  5. Judith thompson says:

    The NSPCC jumble sale raised the wonderful amount of £1170.71, this included some generous donations. My thanks to our valiant helpers sorting and selling. Also to those who gave.
    Judith Thompson. hon. sec.

  6. Judith thompson says:

    I was shocked at the planning meeting when our councillor, Barry Graves voted for the application to build houses on the whole of Jacksons Lane High St car park. There were 170 objections on the Council web site to this application surely our councillor so shoud be representing us.

  7. Judith thompson says:

    Jumble Sale takes place at The Farm, 130 Main Rd NN82UE

  8. Judith thompson says:

    NSPCC Jumble Sale Saturday May 5th 2018. 2.00pm. Some jumble now being taken, everything except clothes bedding and similar, please keep until nearer the date thank you.

  9. Judith thompson says:

    Mrs Beatrice Orton’s funeral is at the Nene Valley Crematorium on January 16th. Tuesday. At 11a.m.

  10. Judith thompson says:

    Mrs Beatrice Orton formerly of 81 Main Rd. died last week in Tasker House. Aged 103 yrs, she had not been well for a long time. I do not have the funeral arrangements yet.

  11. Judith thompson says:

    Mrs Beatrice Orton formerly of 81Main Rd. will be 103 yrs old this Saturday. She is in poor health and is resident of Tasker House. She was born in 1914 which is rather poignant as we are commemorating the war at present.

  12. Wilf T says:

    Tuesday 18 July I was visiting my inlaws who live in Main Rd, Wilby. Late afternoon my VW Golf, parked in the Lido entrance, the paint work was ‘customised’ by someone using a sharp object to leave deep scratches along the drivers side. I’m sure they would like to know that their handywork is going to cost £650 to put right.
    It would be very nice to receive a contribution to that bill. Just contact me by replying to this post.

  13. Mr Trevor Stainwright. says:

    I am pleased to report that the malicious vandal attacks, on other peoples cars near the Wilby Club, seems to have ceased…(or the pathetic individual responsible has lost their keys!) After speaking to a number of residents, including the staff at the Hair salon, all of whom kept a watchful eye on the area concerned we seem to have frightened off the culprit. I’d like to believe this is a demonstration of ‘People Power’ but more likely posting on this site also played it’s part. Sadly the moron is still out there but we are watching!

  14. Judith thompson says:

    Good to see the no entry sign replaced at long last in Church Lane. Let’s hope it has some effect.
    Was there a problem with replacing the triangles at the bottom of Mears Ashby Road on The Square could so easily have been done while they were there.?

  15. Judith thompson says:

    Many thanks to a local inhabitant who has brought me some tools. Still more needed, any condition.

  16. Judith thompson says:

    Tools for Self reliance, have just collected old tools and bicycles, which are made like new by volunteers in their premises at Northampton. They are a non profit making charity. If anyone has any tools I will be collecting again. Look in your garages and outbuildings, have a good spring clean. Please bring to the farm, 130 Main Rd.

  17. Judith thompson says:

    I hope our new Cllr. Will be able to do something about the state of the pavements and gutters, now growing a good crop of green stuff.

  18. Judith thompson says:

    Thanks to our many helpers and those who gave and bought, with some donations we raised £945.00. Wonderful effort.

  19. Mr Trevor Stainwright. says:

    It is with great regret that I have to inform the people of this village that there is a serial vandal amongst us. For some time now cars parked opposite the ‘Wilby Working Mans club’ have been attacked by ‘keying’ the length of the vehicle. Residents, visitors to the Hair Dressers, club users, in fact anyone who dares to park on the between No.22 and No.30 have been targeted. My daughter (expecting her first child) came to visit us at No.30 but rather than block our drive, decided to leave her new car on the main road. Within two hours her car had been gouged down to the bare metal! She is only one of many innocent owners who have fallen foul of this warped individual. Another victim was the owner of a nearly new 4×4 Silver Mercedes. The cost of repairs for such a car would be eye-watering to say the least. We also witnessed a woman left in tears when her car suffered a similar fate. Even local residents are not safe. A lady forced to park across the road when her usual place was taken, later found her red hatch-back marked in the same fashion as the others. We are left with the impression that this is a vendetta against the Hair Salon or the garage. I can only warn you good people NOT to park here until this imbecile is caught. To the person concerned…if you are reading this beware. We are watching out for you and we have already informed the Police!

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