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Wilby Playing Fields is Wilby’s park.  It is owned by Wilby Playing Fields Trust for the residents of Wilby.

Situated in the heart of the village, Wilby Playing Field is a large park with play equipment and swings for children, a football pitch, and a brick built pavilion which hosts Wilby Football Club which runs 3 teams (2 adult and 1 youth team), and Wilby Pre School.

We hold events in the park such as fêtes.  And in 2012 also held a “Picnic in the Park” to celebrate the Jubilee.  Great fun was had by all with races, teas and cakes, face painting and games.  We hope to see you at one of our events in the future.

We are keen to keep the park looking nice and enjoyed by all the community.  We ask that you:

a)    Take all your litter home

b)    Pick up your dog’s waste and either dispose of it at home or in the new dog waste bin sited near the Car Park

c)    Keep you dog under control and on a lead at all times whilst in the park.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Enjoy your park!

10 Responses to Playing Fields

  1. Ashleigh says:

    Hi, I am a personal trainer, who do I need to talk to with regards to using the grounds for training clients and running classes? Thanks

  2. helene says:

    Dear Janice and Audrey, we welcome your comments and use these to help us provide the services and facilities required by the community where we can.
    We have in the past couple of years improved the play equipment, in part due to necessity as one of the climbing frames was beyond repair. We were only able to do so with generous donations. The 2 benches we had in the area of the removed play equipment we have adjusted to enable parents and others to watch their children playing on the equipment. We were confined by the concrete bases but turned one of the benches round to improve the view of children playing.

    We have provided a couple of additional benches around the top of the park to add to the benches already there. (Thanks to the Wilby Whispers donation – which is acknowledged on a plaque in the pavilion).

    Please advise if you feel these are incorrectly placed and I will raise at the next committee meeting. We do have to be mindful of where benches are placed – cutting the grass, easy to be removed/vandalised (as happened with a previous bench), stability, etc. But suggestions are always welcomed.
    Continue to enjoy your park, as I know you do.
    As you can see we have planted a hedge to provide a barrier to the car park. The hedge plants were a donation from the Woodland Trust, and the Thompsons.
    We are always looking for additional committee members and if anyone reading this would like to get involved in our work (we are a charity run by volunteers) please contact me
    thank you

    • Audrey Prankard says:

      Thankyou Helene I do fully understand as you may remember my husband and myself fid serve on the committee many years ago I have COPD and have to keep stopping to catch my breath also I am nearly 70 years of age I did not want to offend anyone my appologies if. this was the case Well done to all your volentiers

  3. Audrey Prankard says:

    quiet right park is not just for children and football what about the oap we like to have a stroll and a rest to watch what ever is going on

    • Paul says:

      Janice and Audrey, I am aghast at your comments/attack re the hard-working volunteers that look after Wilby Park, in their own time. I am not associated with it, other than I volunteer to pick up trash and move rubbish bins. What do you expect from a self-funding charity which strives the best it can do without any public funding.? If you have time to make things better, please step forward, your help would be appreciated.
      Kind regards

      • Janice Felce says:

        If you read my email you will see that I am in no way attacking the volunteers/committee members who run the park I am merely giving a suggestion as what might be appreciated by those villagers who use the park. I have been a supporter of the park and helped to raise funds by assisting at the fetes in the past and also donated (I might add a substantial amount) via the Wilby Whispers account when the village magazine folded – of which I was editor. It would be good if the committee members took on board and at least discussed any suggestions made by residents in the village. Most of us appreciate the work that is undertaken by volunteers and I for one have volunteered and used my own time in various guises for the good of this village for many many years as a resident.

  4. Janice Felce says:

    I would like to see more seating/park benches on the outer edges and near the children’s equipment in the park so we can sit and watch the action at weekends. We did ask for this when we gave you the Wilby whispers monies.

  5. Helene Vancliff says:

    Hi Jenny
    As secretary to the Wilby Playing Fields Trust (the voluntary organisation run by local residents who look after and manage the park on behalf of the residents of Wilby) I will ask that the car park is not locked up after the football match and your guests are free to use the car park. Unfortunately due to rubbish being dumped in the car park, and over night camping/parking, we have taken to locking the car park randomly at night to prevent this happening. I hope your baby shower is successful and that you enjoy playing in the park with your baby (when born).
    We are looking for additional residents to join the committee to manage the park, and we would welcome your interest in joining us. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further. It does not take up a lot of time – a meeting lasting about 2 hours every 3 or 4 months.

  6. says:

    I see no reason why not every one else does go for it

  7. Jenny says:

    I am resident of Wilby and I am hosting a baby shower late this Saturday afternoon (5-8), does anyone know if it is possible for my guests to park in the play grounds car park as it is difficult to park safely on the road? It will be for about 5 cars. I hope this is possible.

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