Traffic and Roads

The notes of the discussions at the Public Meeting held on 6th August are available to view by clicking here Public Meeting Notes


Please use the “Leave a Reply” box at the foot of this page to report any road safety matters which you would like to highlight to the Parish Council.

For example, we all share concern over the abuse of the 7.5 ton weight limit restriction by HGVs and you can help by reporting any cases here where you are able to identify the offending vehicle.  We can take action if you report the name of the haulage company, direction of travel and the exact time of the offence.  If you are able to record the vehicle registration number as well then that would be a bonus.  In return we promise to use this site to give direct feedback on each case reported to us.

In addition the Community Safety Officer will continue to maintain contact with the Police over this.

A new blue weight limit warning sign has also now been erected at the entrance to Main Road from the A509 roundabout.



20 Responses to Traffic and Roads

  1. John E says:

    Also good to see “No Entry” sign painted on end of Church Lane.

  2. Judith thompson says:

    Good to see one way sign replaced.

  3. Judith thompson says:

    No triangles yet bottom of Ashby Rd on The Square.

    • Raised with Highways rep on 19 July – advised that these symbols are no longer being applied.

      • Judith thompson says:

        Why did they put them in earlier this year just before the road surfacing.. It is a replacement, do they have to wait for an accident to happen. Would our new Cllr. Mr. Gough, take this up?

  4. John E says:

    I noticed the above site while looking for something else. It lists all the steps and checks necessary to action the removal of an abandoned vehicle.

  5. John says:

    Hope the wilby club members are proud of there anti social behaviour , placing flowers , dumping compost bags with weeds under the van . Outside the club . Making it look a mess , I wonder what will happen to this next weekend after the piss up ! If it was illegally parked there it would have been removed . This is somebody’s property and must be parked there legally . ( if this is done to them I’m sure they would not be happy ) I hope the culprits get caught and punished this behaviour is not on . I have also reported this behaviour

  6. Judith thompson says:

    Hope we get the one way sign repainted on the road, church lane Mears ashby rd end. Traffic still coming wrong way.

  7. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to capture the details and report this. This incident has now been passed to the Police with the request that the haulier is given a warning and also takes firm action against their driver to avoid any repeat offence.

  8. Mr & Mrs P Taylor says:

    Whilst waiting for the bus today,Friday, 15th January 2016, at 11.23am we observed an Eddie Stobbart articulated lorry, registration PD14 VJD, pass through Wilby on the A4500, heading for Northampton.

  9. Lou says:

    Am I the only resident that has noticed the garage have parked 5 vehicles along the main road that haven’t moved for some time. I had to park my car up sainsburys the other day as there wasn’t anywhere to park.
    Isn’t there anyone who could have a word. One of these cars is showing now insurance on the uk data base

  10. John Everton says:

    Approximately 1820 on Tues 29th June a white articulated lorry with a 40 foot red container was empty ( could hear it bouncing) going up the hill from the roundabout towards Earls Barton passing through the village.

  11. This problem was reported on Street Doctor last October and the NCC website confirms the remedial work was requested then. A chaser has been sent today (4 months later!) asking when this will be undertaken in view of the danger being caused by drivers cutting the corner. When a response is received the result will be posted on this site.

  12. Judith thompson says:

    I was nearly run into again driving down Mears Ashby Rd by a 4×4 cutting the corner coming towards me from Wellingborough. When are the road markings going to be reinstated before a serious accident. Judith Thompson

  13. Reported on Street Doctor Monday 3 November under reference 712324

  14. Judith thompson says:

    Something hit the 30limit sign top of our lane Mears Ashby Rd opposite the Old Rectory can this be reported please. Couldn’t get through to the site contact.

  15. Judith thompson says:

    See in the ET that more road closures are planned on the A 45 next month, in the night too. Won’t be good for the 7 households living on the edge of the road on the worst corner by The Farm.

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