Spire Repair Work at Wilby Church in June 2002

The following is a photographic record of the steeplejack at work in the summer of 2002 when the Church weather vane was replaced, along with other remedial work that was required to both the spire and the tower.

This clearly illustrates how a good head for heights is a necessity and would this work pass current Health & Safety requirements today?  Note particularly the fixing of the new vane and the apparently precarious removal of the temporary spire ladder as the steeplejack descends, which he then carried down with the removed sections slung over his shoulder!


The new weather vane waiting to be carried up to the top of the spire


Climbing to the top of the spire


Fixing the weather vane


Climbing down removing the ladder as he goes!

With many thanks to Robert Bainbridge, Churchwarden at the time, for keeping this record and for allowing these pictures to be published on our website.