Wilby Playing Fields Update

The committee of Wilby Playing Fields Trust spent the other Sunday afternoon tidying up the newly planted hedge area, weeding, and planting a few new hedge plants to replace those which have not done so well. We hope you feel this will be an attractive feature of the park (once the hedge plants have grown), separating the car park from the grass area, creating a wildlife habitat too.

We have also asked the Woodland Trust for some additional hedge plants to improve this area and to plant around the playing fields.

We have been very successful in our grant applications this year.  We set ourselves the 2 tasks of replacing the tractor which we use for cutting the grass and many other jobs, and to provide outdoor gym equipment for adults and older people.  Thanks to Leora and Lopes hosting a wonderful garden party in the summer we raised over £1200 for the playing fields.  We have also been awarded £1k by Tesco’s Bags for Life fund, £1500 from the Maud Elkington Trust and now £4891 by the Northamptonshire Community Foundation all to provide the outdoor gym equipment.  The Committee are delighted with these grants and will be arranging to meet suppliers of this type of equipment to negotiate the best deal to install a range of equipment.

We will keep you posted with our news and developments.

We welcome involvement in and comments on our work.  Please contact me or any committee member through the website if you would like to be involved, or you would like to comment.

Helene Vancliff, Chair

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