An Update from Wilby Playing Fields Trust

Thanks to the hard work of Simon and help from Anthony our old wrought iron bench has now started its new lease of life following a full refurbishment.

Please see the pictures showing the bench before and after the refurbishment.

After some digging around, Anthony has discovered that the bench has been there since the inception of the playing fields but is significantly older than that.  We would like to think that it will again last another 65+ years and will again be refurbished and bought back to life. It has had to be shortened as the ends of the wooden seat were badly damaged, and it has had a new wooden back rest.  It has been fully stripped, sanded, metal work re-welded, painted, plaque stripped and painted, wood stained and varnished, new bolts and a new placement home in the park.

We invite you to go and have a seat on this old but now new seat…enjoy our beautiful park and relish in the pleasure of being the current custodians and carers and users.

We, as the committee and guardians of the park, feel very humbled and honoured to know that the bench like the park has existed before most of us and will continue long after it. We hope that you enjoy your park as much as we enjoy looking after it on your behalf.

If you are interested in our work, or getting involved in looking after the park, please contact me:  Helene by email: or mobile:  07773468785.  This year in addition to the maintenance we usually undertake, we are raising funds for 2 capital projects:  a replacement tractor to help with the grass cutting, and outdoor gym equipment.  We have been successful so far in raising £1000 towards the outdoor gym equipment thanks to Tescos and everyone who selected our charity to place their tokens.  We are looking to raise additional funds to progress these projects.

Helene Vancliff, Chair of Wilby Playing Fields Trust

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