An Open Message from The George

With the permission of Mr Fairfield, the following is a copy of an email that he has sent to the Parish Council this week, which it is felt will be of general interest to all our readers:

Dear Parish Council

I am writing to inform you of the work being carried out at The George Inn. I have recently become the owner of the Inn, and have been living in the village of Wilby for a few months now. I would like to make you aware of the positive plans for the future of the property.

I closed the bar some months ago due to unfortunate circumstances , i.e. undesirables from outside the village, fighting on the premises and using drugs. This is totally unacceptable, in my opinion, and I am sure, is yours. I believe the pub should be at the heart of the community, where the customers can enjoy the friendly environment, feel safe and relax.

Given that The George has a history of several landlords , the only way forward is converting the stables attached to the bar,  back to accommodation.  Reasons for this, is purely business acumen.  The  pub wasn’t able to survive without additional revenue and for this reason we must go forward to survive as a long term business with selected overnight accommodation and keep The George as a traditional Village Inn.  I have many years experience in pub and accommodation industry and i work closely with third parties in this field including

The work is ongoing and the major projects are the re-wiring of the electrics and the roof of the pub. I am working closely with a local architect and Wellingborough Council to restore all aspects of the property back to a traditional Inn , including employing a local specialist in stone masonry to restore the exterior walls back to the original feature.

I think it is paramount to the success of the business and village for the pub to be part of the local community

Over the last few months  I have been opening the gate early in the morning to allow parents of the local school to park.  This is to stop congestion and to stop cars parking outside residents homes. The car park is big enough to accommodate this . In addition to this, the car park can be used for people visiting neighbours short term in the village.   I am also contemplating a farmers market to open in the car park on Saturday mornings.

I hope you welcome my thoughts , plans and aspirations , as I welcome yours and your advice.

Yours faithfully

Mr Terry Fairfield


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14 Responses to An Open Message from The George

  1. Barry Graves says:

    What do we think about the new signage at the George?
    Very smart but are they in keeping with the listed building status?

    • Paul says:

      The Worlds End in Ecton is similar, attached to an old building, but wouldn’t want to lose a clear connection to “King George”, ie connecting the modern with the old. The name “Mulberry Restaurant” seems apt given the famous tree in the garden.

    • John says:

      Not particularly traditional but this style is very common these days on all ages of public houses. I think it looks alright.
      See you at the planning meeting thurs 16th 7pm

    • marian harland says:

      I think they look good, an excellent professional job, reflecting a new era for The George in the 21st century. Tastes change, even traditional buildings can blend with modern styles, materials and colours, whilst still retaining their original atmosphere, without the smoke of course! Please Wilby, support The George, less of the negativity that has been abound of late.

  2. Kay stevenson says:

    Farmers market is a wonderful idea

  3. Terry Fairfield says:

    Many thanks for your comments and support.

    Although the menu is not finalised yet , the restaurant will have traditional English dishes.

    I will be keeping Stephen Borrett and George Thompson from the Parish Council updated regularly on the progress

    As for the wooden chalets , they will occupied whilst the main building is being restored and the major work carried out. They will be situated behind the building in my field, therefore not obscuring the views from neighbours homes.

    Best regards


  4. Paul says:

    I am sorry, I tried to post an open message but clicking on the button sent me to a map of North America rather than a post to Wilby (Ha!). I did post some many months ago a message re our daughter, Caitlin, being chosen as one of three finalists for the young garden designer of the year award at RHS Tatton. The big-dig will start on Sunday and last 2+weeks. All will be helping, this is not an easy task. Takes months of planning and a lot of £s, not to mention logistics. But I want all from Wilby to wish her the best of luck. She won a Silver at RHS Malvern last year; let’s see what this year can bring. But must say, big thanks to Simon and Barbara at the farm…Caitlin’s theme involves “Nature & Nurture” . It will involve hedgerows and border plants around a field. So, she has been out with Simon early this morning digging up more wheat plants. She will be featured on a BBC broadcast during the event.
    Fingers crossed

  5. marian harland says:

    This all sounds good for the village, will be supporting you in your new venture.
    Thanks for letting the village know what is happening, there have been some interesting rurmours! Please keep us updated of your progress via this site.

  6. Paul says:

    I echo Anna’s good wishes. The last thing we want is an abandoned historic building that is very much part of this village and was once a very successful Inn. Who knows, but with Terry’s plans it may still be standing in another hundred years. We do have friends visit us and the nearest to stay is the IBIS and eat at Macdonalds; so the conversion sounds very good.. Will be up to the village to support it.
    PS but what’s the story re the Chalets?

  7. Anna Willey says:

    Hello Terry, all sounds really positive. We’re looking forward to when the George is open again. What kind of restaurant have you got planned?

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